Asaf Levinbook: Flute, Lute
Noa Golan - Vocals
ZeeviK Kingsbooch - Acoustic Guitar
Dvir Cohen - Vocals
Dvir Cohen - Vocals
Eden Bar Sever - Electric Guitar
Eyal Oz - Vocals
Eyal Fridman - Harp
Giora Liphshitz - Electric Guitar
Hagay Sofer - Drums
Yoni Geoffrey Ohana - Balaphone
Yaniv Keinan - Piano
Yuval Gilboa - Vocals
Ishay Gross- Electric Guitar, effect
Yotam Harduf - Acoustic Guitar
Vered Parhi - Vocals
Romi Segal - Vocals
Tami Ben Hadar - Vocals
Ishay Gross - Electric Guitar,effect
Or Dromi - Rhodes, Korg, Vocoder
Rafi Arev - Trumpets
Manju Lev - Tanpura
Eyal Fridman - Kalimba
Emanuelle Segal- Triangel, Percussio
Sangit Segal - Percussion
Shahar Kachka - Ngoni
Shlomi Mor - Contra Bass
ZeeviK Kingsbooch - Acoustic Guitar
Or Dromi - Rhodes, Korg, Vocoder





ZeeviK Kingsbooch: Acoustic Guitar

Yuval Gilboa: Vocals

Yuval Teperberg: Vocals

Noa Golan: Vocals

Dvir Cohen: Vocals

Tami Ben Hadar: Vocals

Romi Segal: Vocals

Eyal Oz: Vocals

Vered Parhi: Vocals

Manju Lev: Tanpura

Giora Liphshitz: Electric Guitar

Shlomi Mor: Contra Bass

Sangit Segal: Percussion

Emanuelle Segal: Triangel, Percussion

Eden Bar Sever: Electric Guitar

Asaf Levinbook: Flute, Lute

Shahar Kachka: Ngoni

Yaniv Keinan: Piano

Or Dromi: Rhodes, Korg, Vocoder

Rafi Arev: Trumpets

Yotam Harduf: Acoustic Guitar

Yoni Geoffrey Ohana: Balaphone

Noam Malka: Saxophone Soprano

Hagay Sofer: Drums














Released on November 2012

Music & Lyrics by Sangit Segal, Noa Golan, Yuval GilboA



Well I'm walking on clouds

Yes I'm walking on clouds

And I'm looking above

The music is love


You know

Music is love like we


everybody knows that

The best things in your life come free

So listen very carefully

Music is the love like we